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SPS Members’ Exhibition Terms and Conditions

• This section of the Exhibition is for SPS members only. There is no entry fee and entry is online

• Please enter name using upper and lower case letters, ensure honours are in capital letters.

• SPS members may enter up to three (3) prints and three (3) digital images.

• The following images are not eligible for this Members’ Exhibition:

a) Images accepted in any section of a previous Open or Members’ Exhibition held by the
b) Images entered in any section of the concurrent Open Exhibition. (Note: Images accepted
for a previous Members’ Exhibition may be entered in the Open Exhibition.)

• You must own the copyright of all images entered.

• Digital images, and those digital images that accompany prints can be either landscape or
portrait and image size: Maximum 1600 pixels horizontal and/or 1200 pixels vertical. Images
must be in JPEG format with the preferred Colour Space sRGB and should not exceed 2MB as
they will be rejected by our PhotoExhib software.

• Image Title should be as you wish it to appear on projection and in the catalogue, avoid titles
in all upper case letters, avoid symbols, hyphens and underlining since our PhotoExhib software
may reject them.

• Prints to be mounted on card. Mounts must be 50cm x 40cm. Overall thickness must not
exceed 4mm. The backing mount must be virtually the same size as the front mount. The title
on the backs of prints must match the titles on the Entry Form, using only pressure sensitive
(small self-adhesive) label to be placed bottom left hand corner. A print out of your entry from
our PhotoExhib software should be enclosed with your print package.

• Photographs should be the original work of the creator, so entirely generative images, or
images with material elements entirely generated by AI will not be permitted. SPS will trust in
the integrity of our members however in certain circumstances may request further evidence in
the form of RAW files or EXIF data, accepting that such evidence may itself not be definitive.

• Prints may be handed in at Monday evening meetings. Last print acceptance date Monday
15th January, 2024.



SPS First Medal and David Gwynne Trophy
SPS Second Medal
SPS Third Medal


SPS First Medal and Digital Exhibition Salver
SPS Second Medal
SPS Third Medal

SPS Certificates will be awarded at the Selectors’ discretion.